Army Life, Marriage

I didn’t sign up for that!

Aaron is in the Army Reserves and I couldn’t be prouder of him. He was in when I met him, and as a Paraguayan it was scary and foreign to me. In our country, being part of the military is not something prestigious precisely. And being a foreigner I thought US soldier = war. Of course this was pure ignorance.

I met him on my first year in the US (2011) and it was just something different that I had never been confronted with. Over time, I came to understand his vocation as a soldier and to love it. Granted, he is part of the Reserves so he has to go to drill once a month and go on AT two weeks in the summer. On top of that, he happens to be an army band-person. What they do is truly awesome and important. They are the face of the army. Their gigs include: change of commands, funerals, graduation ceremonies, sports events (playing the anthem), and concerts for the public. They are SO much fun! We do all we can do support him and go to them because we truly love it.

A few months ago he asked me if I would be cool with him going to Utah for a special gig. This was a high profile one. It would be mid-May. He had never been to this particular city and of course I wasn’t going to stop him. Well, what I didn’t know was that he got assigned truck duty – HA! Everyone else flies on a Friday and comes back on a Sunday. Mr. Aaron will leave with the soldier driving the truck on THURSDAY and coming back on MONDAY. It wouldn’t be a big deal, except that I am 33 weeks pregnant and it looks (and feels) like I am having twins! Our two little people, ages 3 (in less than a month) and 1 and 4 months are PRETTY DARN AWESOME – but there are things that they simply can’t do yet. Particularly, bath time is a real challenge. Getting on your knees is 30% of the challenge and getting back up is the other 70%. So I told him this week: I was OK with the out-of-state gig, NOT with the truck duty. I want to type: HAHAHA but I want to cry a little bit.

All in all, I find it funny. It’s totally fine. I did sign up for this and I am well aware it’s a very small sacrifice compared to what other army families have to endure. There are so many brave soldiers and families out there and I always pray for them.

I know God will provide and we will survive – my sweet brother is home for the summer and he will help out. I have to stay our Army life is pretty awesome and I am extremely grateful that I get to have him home with us. I am very proud of him, of his hard work, his sacrifice and his pride in serving his country.

Soldiers, thank you for your service! To the families of the soldiers, thank you for YOUR sacrifice.

Freedom is not free!


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