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The Induction Sandwich & My Second Delivery

I think like many of us, you too have googled 'safe ways to induce labor naturally' - I bet you did! We all heard of the bumpy rides, the 'doing the deed', the pineapple, the spicy food, etc. This induction sandwich is the only scientifically proven natural way of inducing labor that is 100% effective!… Continue reading The Induction Sandwich & My Second Delivery

Kids, Marriage

Raising Bilingual Children

Just like all of my other posts, this is not supposed to be backed up by scientifically proven studies or data. It's simply my experience. This is something that many people have doubts and questions about. That is, raising a bilingual child. *** I grew up in Asuncion, Paraguay. My native language was Spanish -my… Continue reading Raising Bilingual Children


If you can’t breastfeed: IT’S OKAY!

Let me start saying the following: we all know that there is nothing as good as breast milk for babies. It's what's most natural and what has been done since the beginning of times. When were expecting our first, we had planned on doing many things. Many of those never happened, and some did that… Continue reading If you can’t breastfeed: IT’S OKAY!